RARA-AVIS: A query for Avians

From: Scatalogic@aol.com
Date: 20 Sep 2001

This is not really much of anything and a little off list but I think would appeal to you fine people.

The Guardian runs a Notes and Queries (readers answers) column and this week one of the questions concerned a film thriller. Said thriller was slated for release in 1963 and supposedly starred Frank Sinatra. It concerned the attempts of a gang to assisinate the US president, it was apparantly withdrawn and never shown again when JFK was assasinated in not disimilar circumstances. Does anyone out there know of this. I also very very very vaguely being told of or reading of a film that was so eerily close to some catastrophe that occurred after its completion that it was withdrawn, any bells ringing?? My own un-published novel, "Colin Goes to the Pub and Drinks Too Much Cider" will sadly never see the light of day for similar sad prescience! Regards Colin

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