Re: RARA-AVIS: Cali and quakes

From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 07 Sep 2001 wrote:

> People who've never been here before fear the quakes, but they're few and far
> between. And usually pretty harmless. The fires however, happen annually
> every fall when the Santa Ana Winds start blowing in from the North. The
> tall weeds in the hills have dried a nice, crispy brown from the hot, summer
> sun. And the pyromaniacs who like to watch things burn drive out with their
> cans of gasoline or other incendiary devices. More than anything, the brush
> fires are L.A.'s true natural disaster.
> The mudslides when it rains are second. Traffic on the 405 is third.
> Earthquakes are a far distant fourth.
> John Lau

As far as L.A. disasters go, I'd rank traffic (all over town) as number 1, (often with a bullet). It's a daily nightmare that we all have to deal with here. I've wrecked twice this year already. Once when a guy shot through a stop sign at fifty miles an hour in a van and practically killed myself and my two kids, then again when a woman in an SUV (on a cell phone, of course) decided at the last moment she'd rather go to Pasadena than Santa Monica and blew across four lanes of freeway without looking, threaded the needle between the two cars beside me, and put me into the concrete divider. She stayed off the 405, stayed on the 101, managed to make a dozen cars smoke, screech and bump, slowed traffic behind her for at least an hour to come, never put her phone down and never even looked back. She was probably bitching to her friend that we were distracting her while we were playing bumper cars in her rearview mirror.

Bring me a good earthquake any day!

As far as the Santa Anas go, you can't beat Big Ray's RED WIND, and I burned down a good portion of Malibu in my own L.A. noir, SHOOTERS. Just acting out, I guess.


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