Re: RARA-AVIS: Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown...

Date: 19 Aug 2001

Re John's comment below:

> Of course, the list of PI films made in the last
> thirty years is not a very
> long one. I'm hard pressed to name more than half a
> dozen.

Off the top of my head, and not counting *Chinatown* and *The 2 Jakes*:

*Farewell, My Lovely* (1975)
*The Drowning Pool* (1975)
*Shaft* (1971)
*Shaft's Big Score* (1972)
*Shaft in Africa* (1973 or '74)
*Trouble Man* (1972 or '73)
*VI Warshawski* (1991)
*The Adventures of Ford Fairlane* (late '80s)
*The Long Goodbye* (1973)
*I, the Jury* (1983)
*Charlie's Angels* (2001)
*Shamus* (1972 or '73)
*City Heat* (early '80s)
*The Bodyguard* (1991 or '92)
*Where's Marlowe?* (2001)
*The Black Bird* (1973)
*An Unsuitable Job for a Woman* (early to mid '80s)

That new art film, the name of which escapes me
(coincidentally enough) in which the PI hero is afflicted with a weird type of short-term amnesia.

That's 18 just off the top of my head, not counting films that were based on PI novels (or at least on PI characters), that somehow turned into cop pictures when they reached the screen (e.g. *Eight Million Ways to Die* and *Shaft 2000*).

I'm sure I could come up with more if I had reference materials handy.

I do, however, take your point. The PI film is, as you suggest, not that well-used a sub-genre in film these days. But neither is it dead. And it's a large enough body of work that it's not inappropriate to consider *The 2 Jakes* in context with them.


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