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Date: 16 Mar 2001

The few novels I red were in French, but the English titles are apparently a "straight" translation of the original one, or close enough.

SLEEPING CAR MURDERS (Compartiment Tueur)- French film by Costa-Gavras- a very good thriller film with a brilliant cast (Yves Montand, Simone Signoret, Trintignant et al) ONE DEADLY SUMMER (L'ete meurtrier)- French film- above average, by Jean Becker (the son of the very good one, Jacques)- Isabelle Adjani is exceptional in her role. THE LADY.... this one was rather well known internationally, due to Anatole Litvak, its American production and the international cast.

I do not consider Japrisot as noir, but I do not know about "Very Long Engagement". From time to time his thrillers are borderline of noir... and some of his characters close to psychotic, but still...

He also scripted some films not based on his books. Amongst them, one I consider largely underestimated is
"La Course du li趲e ࠴ravers les champs"(1972)-And Hope to Die. Here we are close to noir because of the books that inspired the script and of the brilliant director (Rene Clement) that always carried noir in his treatment of crime films.

Major part of your questions can be easily answered by IMDb's film data base on the Web. You enter names of writers, scriptwriters.. and you will find the corresponding films with titles and often the title of the novel that inspired the film, if any.

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--- "Forstater, Mathew" <> wrote:
> Have any of Sebastien Japrisot's books been made
> into movies? Especially
> Sleeping Car Murders, The Lady in the Car with
> Glasses and Gun, Trap for
> Cinderella, or One Deadly Summer. Also, is A Very
> Long Engagement noir?
> Also, is there a website where films that have been
> based on noir/hard boiled
> novels are listed? I'm especially interested in
> cases where the film title may
> be different than the original book. I see that
> Woolrich's Waltz Into Darkness
> has been made into another movie, Original sin, I
> believe.

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