Re: RARA-AVIS: The Way We Die Now

Date: 17 Jan 2001

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<< Tonight I finished Willeford's last book, published shortly before he died, the last Hoke Moseley book, THE WAY WE DIE NOW (1988). <<LARGE SNIP>>>It's a shame there was no fifth Hoke book. I wonder, what do people make of that ending? What might have happened next? >> I know Charles's plan for a fifth Hoke was to have him transferred to Internal Affairs. He had already done some research when he died in 1988, but had yet to write anything. I don't know what would have happened domestically to Hoke, made it a point never to ask him even about a ms he was in the middle of, but hope to make clear for anyone who is interested but hasn't read the books that there never was any chemistry between Ellita and Hoke. for what it's worth, Betsy

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