RARA-AVIS: Mike Shayne, once more

From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 01 Jan 2001

I'm overdue, but here's still something on Michael Shayne. During the Christmas holidays, I had a chance to check some book stores and found a Mike Shayne novel called "Count Backwards to Zero".

It's from 1971 and the back cover says: "A pleasure cruise had become a trip into terror by the time Mike Shayne boarded the Queen Elizabeth II. A brilliant English scientist sat drunk in the bar waiting for death. A beautiful, sexy girl kept popping up very much alive in other people's beds. And a shadow crew of killers haunted the corridors, serving the passengers their daily ration of murder. The storm warnings were up, the chips were down - and only Mike Shayne could steer the great liner off a disaster course." And the blurb: "Mike Shayne, the coolest private eye of them all, swings into red hot action in a great new case of mystery and mayhem." Anyone know who wrote the book in question?

Happy New Year!


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