Re: RARA-AVIS: My two cents on Spense(r).

From: Chris Routledge (
Date: 14 Dec 2000

DW wrote:

>The early Spenser's were great,
>Parker revolutionized the PI in the seventies, I think. I mean, my info
>has never really been that great, but who else has given the PI a steady
>relationship, made him tackle a sensitized world, and have a PC code while
>not being exactly PC. (I don't think shooting two people in a park is
>exactly PC).

Well put. One of the things that made early Parker interesting is the way Spenser struggles with having a long-term relationship and being a PI, as well as with PC attitudes. What's annoying isn't this but the voice, which is definitely sub-Chandler. To be fair to Parker (whose plots are nevertheless far better than I could manage) I suspect it must be quite a problem writing a PI novel that doesn't sound like Chandler at times.

>PS By the way, George (Mr. Pelecanos?), thanks for the thesis info, and
>the next time you watch Bullit, count the number of hubcaps that come off
>Bullit's car. I believe the number is 6.

Apparently the gearshift isn't from a Mustang either...

Cheers Chris

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