RARA-AVIS: Iceberg Slim and American Pimp

From: Michael Chong ( mchong@ytv.com)
Date: 13 Oct 2000

I saw American Pimp last night and recommend it to all. A documentary by the Hughes Brothers, American Pimp covers the lives and lifestyles of pimps from across America. Iceberg Slim's Pimp is mentioned and used as an example of a book that has influenced the lifestyle. The book, which I recommend to any who enjoy glimpses into the minds of sociopaths, is Iceberg Slim's memoir of being in "The Game." The edition I have has a glossery in the back of pimping terms much like Clockwork Orange.

It was quite revealing how the pimps which were interviewed rationalize their business. Most had a paternalistic relationship with their stable, knowhatI'msayin'?!

Many of the interviewed pimps became interested in the game after seeing Pimps in their neighbourhoods when they were younger. They were flamboyantly dressed men with multiple ladies and nice cars. Bling, bling like hip-hop... In their neighbourhoods, the only way to get over was crime or sports.

Oh yeah, they were all Black...


The Hughes Brothers made Menace II Society and Dead Presidents. Both of them are HB. Their current project is based on Alan Moore's fictional, though meticulously researched, Jack the Ripper epic, From Hell.

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