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From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 13 Oct 2000

As Kevin pointed out, many (most?) on my list were at least semi-independent films (although the line is getting more and more blurred, as majors distribute or out-and-out swallow the indie companies). Several of them were even "Made for HBO" or another of the cable film networks.

Speaking of which, and of Point Blank, I recently saw a "Made for USA Network" movie starring Angie Everhart called Bittersweet. It was pretty awful, but I was amazed at how blatantly it ripped off Point Blank, except, of course, it made Everhart an innocent victim who was doublecrossed at the beginning by her friend and boyfriend (she thought she was using her skills in chemistry to break into a safe as part of a scavenger hunt, yeah, right) instead of a professional thief doublecrossed by a partner and wife. She comes out of jail looking for revenge. She tracks down the woman, who is now a junkie and a whore. She waits for her drop, then follows it back. She then climbs the mob food chain looking to get her revenge on her ex. Along the way, a driven cop tries to use her for his own agenda by feeding her info. It turns into a very obvious revenge shoot-out movie, but it does not even try to hide its source material.

I liked Copland, also.

Juri, was Young Americans really an acclaimed film in Europe? It was straight-to-cable here. In my mind it was okay, but no big deal.


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