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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 20 Sep 2000

My favorite episode is the one where a sleazy casino owner tries to cash in on the Joker's name by opening a "Joker" casino. That one has some priceless moments, including a great sequence where the real Joker (who's replaced a fake Joker) deals cards to Bruce Wayne.

--- wrote:
> BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, in particular the
> first-season episodes before Fox insisted on more
> Robin, are probably the best HB/Noir animated
> cartoons we're likely to see produced for mainstream
> television. (Series producer/designer Bruce Timm, is
> a big fan of HB and film noir, and actually
> contributes covers to Gary Lovisi's HARDBOILED
> magazine.) The series was remarkably well-written,
> scored and designed, with more-often-than-not
> superior animation (especially for TV). Loathe as I
> am to contradict my good pal Kevin, the excellent
> full-length animated feature he mentions was MASK OF
> something else entirely...
> BATMAN BEYOND is also great, smart TV, but not
> nearly as noir-influenced as its predecessor. I'm
> hearing good things about the forthcoming
> direct-to-video feature, RETURN OF THE JOKER,
> however.

===== Doug Bassett

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