RARA-AVIS: Re: Hard-boiled Cartoons (No, really!) (Oh, yes, y es!)

From: JOHN & CATHIE CELESTRI ( ccpub@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 20 Sep 2000

Just a slight correction.

I've been an animator since the mid-1970s and learned at the knees of old Popeye/Superman animators in New York City. Most of the Fleischer animators were local boys from the five boroughs and that alone'll give you a hardboiled attitude (I know 'cause I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn during the fifties). But the Fleischer studio was connected with Paramount Studios
(not RKO), and Paramount eventually took over complete control when the two animated feature films Max Fleischer and his brothers made in their spanking brand-new Florida studio did zilcho at the box office. The Superman cartoon series with that wonderful noir-ish look was the last great project to come out of that studio.

John Celestri

>From: Michael Chong < mchong@ytv.com>

> Cartoons slightly more HB would be the Golgo 13 anime series, the Torpedo 36
> cartoon and the Fleisher Superman cartoons. I read that the Fleisher
> Superman cartoons, made during WWII, were edited in the same studio area as
> many of the RKO noirs. The author suggested the shadowy lighting effects of
> the Superman series were influenced by the association.

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