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From: Jim Roberts (
Date: 29 Jun 2000

Duane wrote:
> Weirder stuff happens next door than anyone would ever believe if they read
> it in a book. Even in small towns, where the weird stuff may be weirder than
> normal, everyday, mainstream weird. Whatever that is.

True. I work in a prosecuting attorney's office in suburban Kansas City and we've had the following weird things in just the past few years:

* Guy is shot in the back, and dies. Killer used a bow and arrow.

* Thirty-two-year-old woman coerces 18-year-old boyfriend to hire 17-year-old hitman to kill 27-year-old husband. On credit.

* Woman entices her female lover to kill her gay husband so they can unite as a familial unit and share in the raising of a child.

And that's just off the top of my head; give me a couple of hours and I could probably come up with a dozen more.

Not much happens here, but what *does* happen makes up for it in weirdness.

jim roberts
Freedom lies in being bold!
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