Re: RARA-AVIS: re: Pelecanos quote

From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 28 Jun 2000

<<Weirder stuff happens next door than anyone would ever believe if they read it in a book. Even in small towns, where the weird stuff may be weirder than normal, everyday, mainstream weird. Whatever that is.>>

Indeed. Last year an old lady pulled up in my driveway, got out, knocked on the door and asked to see my house. Her father had grown up in it, and she even had an album of late nineteenth century photographs (fascinating views of this rural area and of the house itself). I invited her in and she told me a story eerily similar to a Ross Macdonald plot. I think it was Faulkner who said that he never lacked for stories, that if you keep your ears open you don't have to invent anything.



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