Re: RARA-AVIS: Prather

From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 20 Jun 2000

<<Since I find this kind of
'50s red menace paranoia rather comical, even when written with serious intent, I couldn't really figure out just from the book itself whether Prather was spoofing it or not. From what I've gathered here, he didn't.>>

In those days it was a good move for an author to show patriotism. Lots of writers exploited the red scare paranoia, and made scads of money while doing it. I would distinguish between what Prather thought (thinks) and what Shell Scott says and does. Otherwise, we'll also have to believe that Prather is always chasing after girls in sunny Southern California...

I do believe that Prather wrote a lot of dialogue and situations with tongue in cheek. I find this kind of hardboiled comedy very attractive.



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