RARA-AVIS: You want hardboiled?

From: pabergin ( pabergin@gte.net)
Date: 20 Jun 2000

"Wanda Bone Bouvier had that thing that makes a hound leap against his cage. It was a quality that was partly a bonus from nature and partly learned from cheesecake calendars and Tanya Tucker albums. Wanda had realized early on that her body was a taunt that sent would-be Romeos off on quests for Love Oil and ceiling mirrors and nerve. She had gone clean up to her sixteenth year, wandering school halls and pool halls, public parks and private parties, doing an earthy shimmy and sashay through them all. Though she had a deadpan gaze she had always sharply noted the weak knees and lolling tongues around her. She had found this effect to be delightful and fun until that fateful sixteenth year when she had gone with a girl friend to a roller-skating rink at dusk, and left before midnight in love forever with a fortyish gangster."

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