RARA-AVIS: Warren Murphy

From: Bill Crider ( abc@wt.net)
Date: 12 Jun 2000

At 09:48 AM 6/12/2000 -0700, Dick Lochte wrote:
>There is one writer who I think comes close to matching
>Prather's humor-detection mix - Warren Murphy. Has there been any discussion
>of his "Digger" and "Trace" books on this list? And if not, why not?>>

Maybe Digger and Trace aren't hardboiled enough for the list. Both Digger and Trace are pretty much the same guy, and I think the books in both series (or maybe it's the same series) are very funny. For that matter The Destroyer books are often hilarious. The cop series that Murphy did for Pinnacle is a lot gritter than either of the other series, and worth looking for.

Bill Crider

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