RARA-AVIS: Canned Heat

From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 12 Jun 2000

Apparently it was very similar to Sterno:


> People drank canned heat, lemon extract, anything
> that contained alcohol. Bootleggers flourished in
> every town, and they sure didn't refrain from
> selling to minors.


> alcorub
> Greg Gurtizen says: "I believe that alcorub was
> a "Patent Medicine" of the time that alcoholics
> would use when they couldn't get their sterno
> (canned heat) aka "squeeze".


> canned heat
> 1 - Steven Soms wrote: "This was a cooking fuel
> based on denatured alcohol, like Sterno. I think
> "Canned Heat" was a brand name that has become a
> generic term. Tommy Johnson was addicted to this
> stuff, and it probably didn't do him much good. I
> believe there may be a US expression "sterno
> drinker" relating to this. Here in Australia the
> equivalent term would be "metho drinker" from
> methylated spirits, our local name for denatured
> alcohol." Thanks to Steven Sims for this
> contribution to the list;
> 2 - Jim Burger confirms Steven's version: "I'm
> pretty sure that canned heat is basically sterno,
> alcohol-based, liquid, in a can (obviously). When
> one is down on his luck, this stuff comes a lot
> cheaper than a bottle of Jack, but it doesn't leave
> such a good taste in the mouth and can probly drive
> ya blind.

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