RARA-AVIS: Jerome Doolittle question

From: Joe Howe ( jhowe@hiwaay.net)
Date: 04 Apr 2000

    I'm fairly new to the list, so I'm not sure if this author is on-topic here (but when I first signed on, the discussion was whether cats were more noir than dogs, so what the hell). I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Jerome Doolittle, the author of six Tom Bethany novels in the early 90s. He was dropped by his publisher in early '97, and when last I spoke to him was working on a new (non-Bethany) novel for a new publisher. Haven't heard anything in quite a while, and the e-mail address I have is no longer valid. I would appreciate any information, as the Bethany series was a personal favorite, and my apologies if this is an old topic here. Also,
(ducking before the first brick is thrown) if this is a disliked author on the list, I would stress that this is my personal taste, and not a reflection on anyone else. Or their cat or dog.

Joe Howe

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