RARA-AVIS: Shane and Pale Rider

From: Enrique Bird ( ebird@gmgroup.com)
Date: 20 Mar 2000


Thanks for your note! The only problem is, where can I find the essay you mention? I am in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

When I first saw Shane, I was around 11 years old (1961, I think). I always had great, fond memories of it. Although watching no more Western movies for around 20 years, I was interested around 1985 or 1986 in Pale Rider precisely because of my exceptionally fond memories of Shane. I loved Pale Rider when I first saw it. Then, about 1 year later, I saw Shane again. It was a case of a movie that I loved even more than when first seen, one where I was not dissapointed in what I saw after so many years. Alas, it damaged Pale Rider for me. I have seen both several times, including the last month, since and am really bothered by the exaggerations and lack of subtlelty in Pale Rider. Incidentally, my children (actually, teens!), very modern and Eastwood fans, like Shane much better, too, and find Pale Rider dissapointing.

Best regards! Enrique F. Bird Pic󊼂R>

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> Dear Enrique,
> I like Shane, too, but (just to be a bit ornery), I would ask you to
> read Robt. Warshow's essay "The Westerner" (if you haven't already) and
> tell
> me your thoughts on his comments on the film. Cheers, Len Engel

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