Re: RARA-AVIS: Shane and Pale Rider

Date: 20 Mar 2000

I really like Shane and think it one of the finest movies ever made. It was on AMC last night. I truly despise AMC for editing some great movies
(e.g. The Getaway ) but this movie have been made inside of 'The Code' or made by producers etc. who ether honored or feared code so there were not content editing done by AMC. I am surprised that 'Pale Rider' is cited, so far as a homage ( rip-off of
) to Shane, the far superior 'Road Warrior' was a more loyal, artistic and respectful tribute to 'Shane'. I didn't see Shane in a theater but the first time I saw it, it was the first movie that dealt with a complicated love triangle in an adult fashion. By the term 'adult' I don't mean it as it has come to mean today as synonym for PORN or NUDIE; but rather the movie demonstrated that when circumstances won't allow the consummation of carnal desires the pain, the longing and the ultimate decision to be restrained can be more dramatic and poignant. I never saw Pale Rider; does the Eastwood character bed the farmer girlfriend or is subtle as in 'Shane'? 'Shane' and 'The Third Man' are two examples of not only Love lost, but never even had in first place. Great 'adult' films

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