Re: RARA-AVIS: unions

Date: 14 Jan 2000

Stephen askes about any HB novels "which concern the dark side of American unions." *Double in Trouble* by Richard Prather & Stepehn Marlowe, a series-crossover teaming Shell Scott and Chet Drum, has the two shamuses contending with the "National Brotherhood of Truckers," a Mob-infested union which is a fictional analog for the teamsters. Max Allan Collins's
*Bullet Proof* is a novel fictionalzing Eliot Ness's investigation of labor racketeering in the building and food industries during his tenure as Cleveland's police chief. His *Million Dollar Wound* involves PI Nate Heller the Mob's attempts to take over the movie industry by taking over film craftsmens' unions. John Creasey's *The Killing Strike* is about Britsh rather than US unions, and involves a homicide investigation conducted by Scotland Yard's Roger West at an auto factory that is being struck. Jon A. Jackson's *Go by Go* is set in Butte, Montana, during the mining strikes of 1917 and involves the murder of IWW leader Frank Little. In many ways it reads like a "prequel" to *Red Harvest*. The hero is a PI who infiltrates the union. The first V.I. Warshwski novel by Sara Paretsky, the title of which escapes me at the moment, involves the feminist PI with the corrupt Knife-Grinders' Union in Chicago.

That should give you a start.


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