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> Stephen askes about any HB novels "which concern the dark side of American
> unions."

Everyone seems to have forgotten Donald Westlake's "Killy" from early sixties. Day Keene has a novel, the name of which escapes me, about the labour leader who has the whole city in his hands. These books are pretty wild reading to someone who lives in Finland where the unions are accepted part of the society and there's no criminal activity in any of them.


 *Double in Trouble* by Richard Prather & Stepehn Marlowe, a
> series-crossover teaming Shell Scott and Chet Drum, has the two shamuses
> contending with the "National Brotherhood of Truckers," a Mob-infested
> union which is a fictional analog for the teamsters. Max Allan Collins's
> *Bullet Proof* is a novel fictionalzing Eliot Ness's investigation of labor
> racketeering in the building and food industries during his tenure as
> Cleveland's police chief. His *Million Dollar Wound* involves PI Nate
> Heller the Mob's attempts to take over the movie industry by taking over
> film craftsmens' unions. John Creasey's *The Killing Strike* is about
> Britsh rather than US unions, and involves a homicide investigation
> conducted by Scotland Yard's Roger West at an auto factory that is being
> struck. Jon A. Jackson's *Go by Go* is set in Butte, Montana, during the
> mining strikes of 1917 and involves the murder of IWW leader Frank Little.
> In many ways it reads like a "prequel" to *Red Harvest*. The hero is a PI
> who infiltrates the union. The first V.I. Warshwski novel by Sara
> Paretsky, the title of which escapes me at the moment, involves the
> feminist PI with the corrupt Knife-Grinders' Union in Chicago.
> That should give you a start.
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