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a.n.smith (
Thu, 30 Dec 1999 09:16:13 -0600

> I am curious why your lists are so narrow and would be interested to hear
> whether you think Block's Scudder books, Mosley and Bowen qualify as
> hard-boiled and why.
> Just to expand the discussion a bit, alternates I considered were James
> Burke, Dennis Lehane, Gar Anthony Haywood (Aaron Gunner series) and
>Michael Connelly.

I mean, if you have to pick just five, and this is a century ending list... Hardboiled writing is a product of the century, so we almost have to list the mainstays, because they're the reason this thing has lasted so long. As far as the "writers that make you want to read more," work that outstanding isn't spilling out like a busted main. Sure, there's lots and lots of great work, but consider that some writers are hit and miss, like Block, Burke, and Connelly. I get tired reading them sometimes. That shouldn't happen. And then, there's almost the differences of tastes. I think the list will expand.

I really admire Mosley's work--love it. But for some reason, I consider him something other than hardboiled. Maybe it's the tone of his writing. But I can see him making the list, sure.

Lists. Aw, man. New Year's Resolution: Stop doing lists. But I'm sure I'll break that one, too.


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