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>I almost never post, although I do jot down authors names as I read this
>list. The "blown away" selections posted so far have been very repetitive,
>haven't they? Perhaps this is because you guys have a much narrower
>definition of hard boiled than I do. Nonetheless, here are my five (which
>includes Pelecanos only as of last week and thanks to seeing his name
>mentioned here):
>Dashiell Hammett (of course)
>George Pelecanos
>Lawrence Block (Matt Scudder)
>Walter Mosley
>Peter Bowen
>I am curious why your lists are so narrow and would be interested to hear
>whether you think Block's Scudder books, Mosley and Bowen qualify as
>hard-boiled and why.
>Just to expand the discussion a bit, alternates I considered were James Lee
>Burke, Dennis Lehane, Gar Anthony Haywood (Aaron Gunner series) and Michael
     Thanks for delurking. I see all these authors discussed all the time, so I imagine if we we had been asked to list ten instead of five a few of them would pop up.
     I think we all acknowledge the Block books as HB, although some of us might feel that they are tiresomely preachy at times.


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