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>I would like to know if there are any writers on soldiers of fortune or

Randy Wayne White has written two series of the type you mention, under the pseudonyms Carl Ramm and Randy Stryker. The Stryker hero is MacMurphy, I believe. Something very close to that, anyway. I can't recall the Ramm character's name.

Both were numbered series a la The Executioner or Milo March and both are highly collectible and usually priced accordingly, though a friend who has complete sets of both series says that he still sees bargains, though not nearly as often as was the case as late as 2 years ago. The reason for the prices, I suspect, is that White is a collector's darling just now, with copies of Sanibel Flats going for $1000 -- $1200 and Heat Islands not far behind, and dealers are exploiting the interest while it lasts. PB

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