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Mon, 27 Dec 1999 15:03:57 +0000

There's been some neat stuff on UK TV recently ... in a series called
'Fallen Angels' on BBC2 there were a couple of shorts, back-to-back: first was a Spillane story called 'Tomorrow we die', which was much better than I expected given the Spillanne tag. Second was a Goodis story, the title of which I forget, but which had a interesting structure. The story tells of an ace lift operator who first has to give up his boyfriend, then kill the boyfriend and finally 'the daddy' positions the lift operator as the boyfriends repalcement. [This probably isn't as clear as it might be, but hopefully someone will recognise it and be able to furnish a title/source for the Goodis story].

Jayne Mansfield turned up in an English crime film, _The Challenge_ which, although largely hokum, did have a harrowing scene as one of the American villains plans to off the child-hostage with a game of chicken. JM wasn't really convincing as the brains behind the car-crime gang. A JM bio-doc broadcast the followingf day revealed a couple of interesting things about her (apart from the obvious!) ... how many people knew JM was an acomplished violinist?



There's another pair of shorts in the Fallen Angels strand coming up before the end of the hols which I will watch out for.

A short Kurowsawa season means Yojimbo will be screened Tuesday night / Wednesday morning.


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