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>My favorite sf author, Jack Vance, wrote conventional mysteries under his
>full name, John Holbrook Vance. A lot of his sf is basucally mystery mystery
>in an exotic setting. I'm particularly fond of his Demon Prince series
>telling of telling of Kirth Gerson's quest to uncover the real identities of
>five pirates or criminal chiefs who killed his parents when they combined to
>raid his home planet. At the end of the series Gerson has managed to kill
>all five.

Mr. Vance also penned some more prosaically situated crime stories. I've got a copy of his THE PLEASANT GROVE MURDERS. I haven't read same myself yet but, according to blurbs on the back of this Ace paperback, Anthony Boucher and the NEW YORK TIMES both liked it. The King Features Syndicate is also enblurbed as stating: "THIS IS DETECTIVE FICTION AT ITS BEST".

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