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[quoting Brian Lawrence]
>> One more question, and I'll shut up for a while.
>> Does hardboiled have to be a
>> PI story?
>No, not at all. Bukowski's stuff, for example, seems
>to me to be very hardboiled and is virtually
>crime-free (unless you consider public intoxication to
>be a crime). William Burroughs first novel, Junky, is
>also a fine hardboiled book.

Ah, two excellent suggestions. Luc Sante's non-fiction work, LOW LIFE, now also strikes me as hardboiled.

Bruce T. =


I think it's also fair to consider Martin Amis' Nighttrain as hardboiled, as well as Algren's The Man With the Golden Arm as examples of hardboiuled work by writers not typically associated with the genre.
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