RARA-AVIS: Re: James Crumley

Pat Zeitoun (pwz@tca.net)
Fri, 3 Sep 1999 11:42:48 -0500

> I've been reading Rara-Avis for several weeks and enjoy the posts very
> Certainly different from DorothyL and rec.arts.mystery which I also read!
> My taste in mysteries pretty well runs the gamut except for cozies,
> and cats.
> I've just started reading James Crumley's Bordersnakes, and am intrigued
> this writer. I've never heard of him, and came across the book by
> on amazon.com. Please spare me any rants about independent bookstores and
> chains. I live in College Station, Texas, and we don't have any
> independents except for the used bookstore. Enough on that subject!
> Back to Crumley. He certainly seems hardboiled enough for this group. I
> have not found his biography and he does not seem to have written a lot of
> books, nor does he write them very often. How about giving me some
> and background on this writer. Which of his books do you recommend?
> Cheers,
> PatZ
> pwz@tca.net

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