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Mike Orsoe (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 19:31:47 -0700 (PDT)

Maybe I should clarify my original statement (either that or I'm the only one on the list who has read all three authors).

it is my belief that the three differnet protagonists even though they are written by three very different authors all could be the same guy, either that or the way they go about solving mysteries is more common than I thought.

All three characters Beaumont, Bosche, and Davenport all have a healthy distrust of authority figures, all have this I'm right you're wrong attitude, all will solve murders no matter what the costs to their personal lives. They're all around the same age although I think Bosche might be older than the other two having served in Vietnam, and two out of three are rich and are working as Detectives mainly cause it's what they do and the money is irrelevent, the solving of murders is what's relevant.

Now I admit to not reading a lot of hardboiled (I think Jance's Beaumont is more hardboiled than her Joanna Brady and 90% of the Sisters in Crime authors I've read) mysteries, having only been really into mysteries for the past four years since I got my job at a bookstore specializing in mysteries (in theory, Mystery person doesn't like Spillane or Holmes so they're on her don't take in list (we're a used bookstore)), so these may be characteriestics of many hardboiled Detectives and I'm only just cluing into that fact which is the reason I signed up to this list so I could do my job better now that the mystery person is out on disability.

So does my theory hold water or should I excuse myself from the list and go back to Dorothy-L and discuss Koko and Yum Yum ad nauseum? ; )

Mike Orsoe

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