Re: RARA-AVIS: Martin Limon, Jade Lady Burning
12 May 99 19:01:00 -0400
Re Doug's comments below:

"I just read Martin Limon's first novel, "Jade Lady Burning." It's a
hard-boiled police procedural set in Korea. The cops are Army CID. .
. . Anyone have the scoop on Limon."

Limon is a retired professional soldier who spent some 10 of his 20
years in the US Army in Korea, so he knows the setting quite well. He
was *not* an MP or CID agent, or anything else concerned with law
enforcement during his military career, but he obviously is very
convincing in that respect, as well. There are at least two more
novels in the series, one of which is called *Slicky Boys*, the other
of which escapes me at the moment. Prior to the novels, the
characters appeared in a dozen or so short stories in *AHMM*. Limon,
who is Hispanic, wrote an article about his Hispanic protagonist for a
recent issue of *Mystery Writers Journal* devoted to ethnic
detectives. - Jim Doherty

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