RARA-AVIS: Martin Limon, Jade Lady Burning

Sat, 8 May 1999 03:20:55 EDT I just read Martin Limon's first novel, "Jade Lady Burning." It's a
hard-boiled police procedural set in Korea. The cops are Army CID. I
thought it was quite strong, though it fell off a bit at the end (or perhaps
rushed itself a bit--a matter more of pacing than events). A while back we
discussed how hard-boiled works in an exotic (to Americans?) locale--well, it
works in this book. Anyone have the scoop on Limon. I think he has at least
one other book. Is it as good? My recent trip also put copies of M. Vazquez
Montalban's "The Angst-Ridden Executive" and Dan Marlowe's "The Vengeance
Man." Thoughts, comments? Worth reading or putting at the bottom of the

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