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Tue, 11 May 1999 00:40:54 -0800 Duane Spurlock:

<<Personally, I wouldn't look it up just for the Sale connection. Dent
pretty much overwhelmed anything vaguely Sale-ish in this one.
Interestingly enough, Dent's best HB work -- for BLACK MASK -- appeared
in two stories featuring a character named Oscar Sale. Dent scholar Will
Murray -- I think it was Murray -- has suggested that Dent named the
character for Richard Sale, either consciously or not, because he
admired Sale's work.>>

But Dent call Sale "Sail" in those stories... Does anyone know if Sale's
novels (I believe there are only a few) were ever reprinted? I vaguely
recall reading one many years ago, but remember nothing about it, not
even whether it was good or not.

Are there any fans of Babs Deal here? The other day I picked up one of
her novels for a dime, mainly out of curiosity. At the same charity sale
I also picked up a mint first edition of Caspary's _Laura_, which should
qualify as noir or gothic or something...for some reason I am hesitant
to reread this novel. From _Pimp_ to _Laura_, now that's a stretch!


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