Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: William Bogart/Pocket Money

Duane Spurlock (
Mon, 10 May 1999 20:34:25 -0400 >>(Incidentally, HB writer Richard Sale was ghosting the Doc Savage
>>The Mystic Mullah but Dent's comments on Sale's style made him quit, so
>>finished it himself.)
>So, is it worth looking up for Sale's contribution? How close is it to his
>own books? I don't particularly care for Doc Savage, but I DO enjoy Sale!

Personally, I wouldn't look it up just for the Sale connection. Dent pretty
much overwhelmed anything vaguely Sale-ish in this one. Interestingly
enough, Dent's best HB work -- for BLACK MASK -- appeared in two stories
featuring a character named Oscar Sale. Dent scholar Will Murray -- I think
it was Murray -- has suggested that Dent named the character for Richard
Sale, either consciously or not, because he admired Sale's work. - Duane

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