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Re Philip's qestion below:

"I also wonder if, in all this time, a sequel to TMF has been
perpetrated either in print or in film."

There was a plan to do a sequel with Bogart and the rest, but it never
came to fruition. A comic sequel, *The Black Bird*, with George Segal
as Sam Spade's son, spoofed the original in the early '70s. The only
real sequel to *TMF* was not produced for either prose or film, but
for radio.

*The Adventures of Sam Spade* and the great mystery anthology show
*Suspense* were both produced by the same man, William Speir. During
the first year or two *Sam Spade* was on the air, *Suspense* was an
hour show, hosted by Robert Montgomery. To get fans of *Suspense*
listening to *Sam Spade*, Speir produced a special one-hour Spade
episode called "The Khandi Tooth Caper" and aired it on *Suspense*.
As an inside joke, host Montgomery, who played Phil Marlowe in the
screen version of *The Lady in the Lake* made a cameo appearance as
Marlowe in "Khandi Tooth."

Anyway, the episode is a direct sequel to *TMF* with Spade once again
meeting Gutman, Cairo, and another "gunsel." It explains what
happened to the real Falcon, alludes to Brigid O'Shaugnessy's fate,
and sets Spade and the bad guys at odds as they again contend in the
search for another quest object, the fabled Khandi Tooth.

Later, the episode was presented as a two-parter on Sam Spade's own
series. It's available from various radio nostalgia dealers if you
interested in hearing it. - Jim Doherty

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