RARA-AVIS: TMF - surprises & sequel?

Philip Benz (Philip.Benz@wanadoo.fr)
Sat, 13 Feb 1999 17:56:40 +0100 So, I did take a close look at that first scene between Spade and
"Wonderly"... when Archer comes in, is he carrying *two* cigarettes, or

I also wonder if, in all this time, a sequel to TMF has been perpetrated
either in print or in film. I mean by today's standards the setup is
sooo obvious, with Gutman inviting Spade to join him as they continue
their search for the black bird, and Cairo toadying up to his
preponderous pal. I recall from the faq that a sequel including the
entire original cast was briefly envisaged, but later discarded. But
surely in print...

Cheers, --- Phil
Lyc饠Astier, Aubenas, France

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