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Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 10:17:12 -0500 I, too, agree that mentioning actual brand names adds a sense of
verisimilitude to a story. When was the last time you heard someone order
"a beer", or ask for a "pack of smokes"? It's far more likey you'll hear
them order a Molson or a Bud or a Wamprat Ale, or ask for a pack of Players
or Marlboros or Tumour Tips, King Size.

What I was trying to do, though, with my lame sense of humour, was poke fun
at the notion of authors mentioning specific products for money, a common
practice in film and television and radio. I just wonder if Get Shorty's
Chili Palmer mentioned the type of shirt he wears because he's that kind of
guy, or because someone's getting a free shirt out of the deal. The sequel,
Be Cool, which I'm really looking forward to, will be excerpted in cases of
Diet Coke. It will be interesting to see what Chili decides to slurp in the

Personally, I don't necessarily mind product placement, as long as it's not
blatant, but it still, somehow, cheapens the work. Just ask anyone who's
ever heard their favorite song retooled in a TV commercial to sell
barbeques, dental floss or sanitary napkins.

There are several writers on this list. What do you think?

Kevin Smith
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