RARA-AVIS: Ads in books (product placement)

Regina Ebner (g.ebner@online.edvg.co.at)
Wed, 06 Jan 1999 16:22:30 +0100 Etenne Borgers message about ads in books made me dig up some of my older
paperbacks: in one of Friedrich Duerrenmatt's mysteries, published by Rowohlt
(German), I found an ad for bonds. It even addresses and justifies the issue
of ads in books, quoting an author who thought that they are useful and
modern. The quote dates from 1950 and refers to cigarette ads. The Duerrenmatt
book was published in 1961, so they had switched to ads for bonds by then.
I actually remember them quite well. Usually they would quote from the book
and then somehow find a reference to how useful financial security was (I was
always quite curious how they would find an appropriate reference. For
example: quote; ... the detective always searches for justice, ... the DA has
to uphold the law, ... , for centuries it was illegal to collect interest,
so you wouldn't have been able to buy our bonds.)

Gina Ebner
Vienna, Austria
P.S. If the English sounds strange: I've been trying to translate directly...

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