Re: RARA-AVIS: Chase & Cheyney

Mario Taboada (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 13:11:05 +0000 Cheyney and James Hadley Chase were both pretty awful writers...though
Cheyney is so bad he's good. Cheyney's humor is of the Gregory Macdonald
variety - crass, no subtlety. This sort of thing had been done, and
better, by Frederick Nebel in Black Mask years before.

We were talking about giving the British their due by way of superior
and original writers like Derek Raymond, Dan Kavanagh (Julian Barnes),
and so on - and all of a sudden Chase and Cheyney turn up...the only
thing I can do in the face of this is, lividly:

To propose (no, to demand, and with a straight face) that we read Carrol
John Daly's literary masterpiece _The Hidden Hand_.

I see a slow tomato flying over the Atlantic, soon to land right there
in the middle of the patch...Exit

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