RARA-AVIS: those dirty Jap spies

Sat, 11 Jul 1998 18:44:53 EDT >In her Portland, Oregon neighborhood, there was a
>Japanese family called the Funitakes. They operated a small >grocery store
and lived in a small apartment above it. Even >after the attack on Pearl
Harbor, community support for the >Funitakes remained unchanged. They were a
"fixture" in the >community. However, when the "roundups" started for
>the internment camps, there was a government raid on their >store ... and in
their upstairs apartment, agents discovered >military documents of the
Japanese government, a rather >sophisticated shortwave transmitter/receiver
and detailed >reports on shipping activity in and out of Portland.

gee... I don't suppose it's possible that our virtuous powers that be would
need any extra justification to round up "fixtures in a community". after
all, if the Funitakes have only lived in a small town all their lives, their
neighbors might be inclined to see past their slitty, slanty eyes and mistake
them for actual human beings, or horror of horrors, tax paying Americans. and
everyone knows America is the good guys and wouldn't do something as dirty and
lowdown as plant incriminating evidence.

John Lau
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