Re: RARA-AVIS: godless communism and Mike The Hammer of God

Joseph M. Johnston (
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 09:04:56 -0400 Your post, Fred, is an exercise in projection. Methinks you use the term
zealot, but do not see the overstatement inherent in your discourse.

On 11 Jul 98, at 9:52, Frederick Zackel wrote:
> In its most virulent stages, anti-communism saw communism as a false
> religion and thus attacked it with the same religious zealotry that we see
> in Timothy McViegh (sp?), in the Taliban, in the American-Israeli
> physician who shot up the mosque some years back in Hebron, in John Brown
> of Harper's ferry, in the Spanish inquisition, in the burning of witches
> in Protestant Europe, in the persecution of the Huegonauts (damn, my
> spelling sucks this morning!) short, Mike Hammer hits the commie
> nails on the head.
> The most powerful force in the history of humanity is Abraham's
> Juggernaut, the tidal wave of monotheism that got its start on Mount
> Moriah, where Abraham sought to sacrifice his son. (Isaac in the
> Judeo-Christian tradition, Ishmael in the Islamic.) Right now, roughly
> one-half of the population of this planet belongs to one of those three
> religions. And the Sons of Abraham (as I like calling them) are the most
> virulent of the zealots.
> The most powerful commandment is the first: I am the Lord thy god; thou
> shalt have no strange gods before me. Mike Hammer could have fought on
> either side in the Crusades. He could have sat alongside Queen Isabella
> when she kicked the Jews out of Spain in 1492 (they had to leave on the
> same day Chris set sail.) Mike could have been a Gestapo agent in the
> Warsaw ghetto. He could have fought alongside Pizarro and Cortez and all
> the butchers of the New World. He could have fought with the US Army--
> perhaps not at Wounded Knee, but certainly in one of the other religious
> wars we fought against the Native Americans. All he would have needed is
> a motive. "Oh, they're godless communists!"
> He would have licked his lips and walked in, grinning.
> Oh, isn't that Mike right now on CNN? Isn't he one of the Orangemen? Or
> is he a member of the IRA?
> PS. Just to keep the flames roiling, consider that when Yahweh spoke to
> Abraham, He said, Don't sacrifice your sons for religions.
> (You guys have been too staid too long.)
> Frederick Zackel
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