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rikke & hanne Kesten (
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 13:48:45 -0300 Re: Joe Johnson's earlier post, it's not unwarranted to look at all
sides these days when 1) NBC presents an hour-long special on toxic
dumping in Louisiana and we learn that in the Reagan years the oil
industry was given a blanket waiver by Congress saying that ANYTHING
they dug up out of the ground WAS NOT to be considered toxic; 2) when a
former Sixty Minutes correspondent writes a book about special military
units in Vietnam whose mission was to LOCATE AND MURDER defectors; 3)
when the US Congress can't get their act together to even discuss
campaign reform; 4) when claimants denied medical coverage are, by
Congressional Legislation, not permitted DUE PROCESS OF LAW to sue the
health providers for damages when they die or suffer; etc. etc. etc.
There's a difference between being aware of possibilities in today's
political climate and "partying on anti-American conjecture". And I
think if more AMERICANS did this and made their views heard we'd have an
even better society for all of us.
--steve kesten
> On 11 Jul 98, at 18:44, wrote:
> > and everyone knows America is the good guys and
> > wouldn't do something as dirty and lowdown as plant incriminating
> > evidence.
> >
> > John Lau
> John:
> While this accusation may or may not be true, you are partying on anti-
> American conjecture.
> =========================================================
> Joseph M. Johnston, Ph.D.
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