RARA-AVIS: Re: Thomas B. Dewey bibliography


Our catalog doesn't differentiate between Dewey's many pseudonyms--that
is, they are *all* listed under "Dewey"-- nor are these necessarily the
first dates of publication, but here are a few more titles: 

As Good as Dead (1946)
The Brave, Bad Girls (1956)
The Case of the Chased and the Unchaste (1959)
The Case of the Murdered Model (1959)
Deadline (1966)
Don't Cry for Long (1964)
Every Bet's a Sure Thing (1953)
The Girl With the Sweet Plump Knees (1963)
How Hard to Kill (1962)
Hunter at Large (1961)
The Mean Streets (1955)
Mourning After (1950)
Nude in Nevada (1965)
Portrait of a Dead Heiress (1965)

Dewey also edited a MWA collection of short stories called _Sleuths and
Consequences_, published in 1966.  To correct one title in your original
list, _The Love-Death Sing_ should read _The Love-Death Thing_.

Hope this helps!

Katherine Harper
Department of English
Bowling Green State University
Visit the W.R. Burnett Page at http://ernie.bgsu.edu/~kharper/

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