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Another Jekyll CO₂ update

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Further to last week’s update of Jekyll CO₂, my plugin for the web site generator Jekyll, that shows current atmospheric CO₂ data: I was hacking on it some more and along with some refactoring it can now optionally use an option in Jekyll’s configuration file, _config.yml, like so:

  years: 0

Setting years there determines how many years back the CO₂ comparison goes. By default it’s 50, but it can be changed to 10 or 25 for example. It cannot go back before March 1958, when the Mauna Loa data begins.

If years is set to 0, the comparison is to March 1958. This is how I’m using it now.

Jekyll CO₂ screenshot
Jekyll CO₂ screenshot

The June data isn’t available yet, so it’s comparing May 2020 to March 1958. Atmospheric CO₂ has gone up 101.36 ppm from 315.71 to 417.07, for a change of 32.1%.

The plugin needs more refactoring, but it works, so I’m going to leave it for a while.