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Scott Hughes on Data Stories, LIGO sonification


I just caught up with a June episode of Data Stories that’s all about sonification: Listening to Data From Space with Scott Hughes. Hughes is an MIT astrophysicist who works on gravitational waves. You may have heard some of them turned into sound when the news came out recently about LIGO sensing two black holes spinning around and smashing into each other. He’s been using that approach for years. (Mind-blowing fact I read somewhere recently but forget where: this happens about once every fifteen minutes in the observable universe.) The Data Stories show notes include sounds and helpful links. Data Stories is a good podcast, with many interesting interviews, but if you’re interested in astronomy or sonification then this one is definitely worth hearing.

Koha on FLOSS Weekly

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Great to hear Koha’s Nicole Engard and Brendan Gallagher interviewed on FLOSS Weekly episode 236 talking about the integrated library system. Six (!) years ago Evergreen was on FLOSS Weekly episode 132, with Mike Rylander and the rich radio-friendly baritone voice of Ontario’s own Dan Scott explaining about the other free and open ILS written in Perl.

Climate change podcasts


Here’s a list of five podcasts about climate change—all the ones I know. Two are new, another new to me; only one (Radio Ecoshock) have I been following for a while. If you know of others, I’d like to hear about them.

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Tidy data in Org

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Today at work I was doing some analysis of spending on electronic resources. I’d done it a few months ago on fiscal year 2015, in a hacky kind of way, but now that F2016 is complete I had two years ago data to work with. As usual I used Org and R, but this time I rejigged everything to use Hadley Wickham’s idea of tidy data and his tools for working with such data, and it made things not only simpler to work with in R but also to present with in Org.

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Collaboration is not causation


Good to remember when you embark on a project with someone, both of you full of good intentions that it will be completed soon, but a bit vague on who will do what work how: “Collaboration is not causation.”

TPL shills for Google

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The Toronto Public Library does many things right, but they also do some important things wrong, and lending Google-provided internet-connected wifi hotspots to poor people is wrong.

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Oscar Levant on Information Please


Otto Tolischus was the guest on Information Please on 17 September 1940 (the show is one of many at the Internet Archive), but the best stuff comes from regular Oscar Levant. In this music question, not only does he know all the answers, but he throws in a fact about Charles Ives.

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I’ve changed the license on my content to CC-BY: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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