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I’ve changed the license on my content to CC-BY: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

Information Please


If you haven’t heard Information Please, an old American radio panel quiz show, give it a try. Two hundred and nineteen episodes are available on the Internet Archive and easy to download. You’ll have days or weeks of good listening. Podcast listeners who like working through series of shows will especially enjoy it.

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Do not insert non-US foreign coins, damaged coins, bent coins, dirty coins, commemorative coins, tokens, Eisenhower silver dollars or 1943 US pennies


Inserting anything but clean and undamaged coins into the Coinstar coin-counting machine is unacceptable and could impact functionality. Unacceptable items will not be counted and may not be returned. Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to:

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Conforguring dotfiles


I’ve added my dotfiles to Conforguration: they are there as raw files in the dotfiles directory, and conforguration.org has code blocks that will put them in place on localhost or remote machines.

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Conforguration is a basic working example of configuration management in Org. I use source code blocks and tangling to make shell scripts that get synced to a remote machine and then download, install and configure R from source.

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Installing R from source (updated)


Last year I wrote up how I install R from source. I’ve refined it a bit so it’s easier to copy and paste, and here it is, suitable for use with the fresh release of R 3.3.0.

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Rosie or Nunslaughter

music metadata

I’ve decided to get rid of my CDs, so I’m ripping them all (to FLAC) with Rhythmbox. It can talk to MusicBrainz to get metadata: album title, album artist, song titles, genre, etc. Sometimes that doesn’t work, and then it’s nice to use the feature of EasyTAG (which I use to edit metadata) where it can look up the information on FreeDB based on the raw information about track lengths and such. Almost always, that works. Sometimes, it doesn’t. One time, it presented me with a strange choice:

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Passing blocks to a thread in Sonic Pi

sonic.pi music code

A short example of how to pass a block to a thread in Sonic Pi, where it will be run and control will return to you immediately. The block can contain whatever you want. (Thanks to Sam Aaron, creator of Sonic Pi, for this; he sent it to the mailing list but I can’t find the original now.)

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