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Date: 08 Oct 2010

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    no cable (or satellite etc) tv here, but i've yet to use the puter as tv. so i'm more of a luddite i think. tho i do have a computer.

    all those things kevin mentioned cost, right? that's my problem. hell i'd have cable if it was free. the internet is the first priority for what little money there is for such things.

    also, i have DSL, slower than cable internet i'm pretty sure. downloads aren't too terrible but streaming isn't as good at all.

    not that i really care about most tv. even something like 'the wire' comes after the many many movies i've yet to see but want to.

    there's something on broadcast tv now called 'this tv', at least here in the twin cities and they play an interesting selection of movies. for instance 'kansas city confidential' tomorrow.


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    << How many of you watch TV on your computers now?
      Hands up, here. The TV belongs to the Wii and DVDs. Because we live with rabbit ears. (Any other Luddites in the group?)
      Friday nights, the family -- pizza plates in hand -- circles around the PC flat screen and watches Burn Notice (in season), In Plain Sight (ditto), White Collar, The Human Target (apparently not back this season), 30 Rock, and Hawaii 5-0 (or is that 5-O?) -- and we throw in some old episodes of Family Affair and Have Gun Will Travel for a nice balance.
    - Duane Spurlock


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