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Date: 02 Sep 2010

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    > Fans of Altman should have no gripes with his adaptation of 'The Long Goodbye',
    > but Chandler fans who may have been eagerly awaiting a movie version of his most
    > satisfying book definitely have several reasons to be less than cheerful about
    > it. Altman being Altman predictably sets out to undermine Chandler's main theme
    > in the book, whereas, despite Howard Hawk's comically racy liberties and the
    > standard tacked on happy Hollywood ending, his 'The Big Sleep' is still
    > essentially recognizable as Chandler's story in atmosphere, dialogue and
    > character.

    I wonde why somebody else has not made a version of it. There have been so many remakes of classics, including The Getaway and 3:10 to Yuma... even Gun Crazy. Why not The Long Goodbye? If Altman's version is so bad, surely a better version can be made today...



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