Re: RARA-AVIS: Name Changing, Re-Castings and Personality Swaps (was: Slayground)

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Date: 02 Sep 2010

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    > Fans of Altman should have no gripes with his adaptation of 'The Long Goodbye',
    > but Chandler fans who may have been eagerly awaiting a movie version of his most
    > satisfying book definitely have several reasons to be less than cheerful about
    > it. Altman being Altman predictably sets out to undermine Chandler's main theme
    > in the book, whereas, despite Howard Hawk's comically racy liberties and the
    > standard tacked on happy Hollywood ending, his 'The Big Sleep' is still
    > essentially recognizable as Chandler's story in atmosphere, dialogue and
    > character.

    I never had any problem with Altman's adaptation. I do have a problem with fans who think they own a piece of a character, though. Nobody gets hurt by an adaptation, not Marlowe (!) not Chandler, and certainly not the fans. The idea that there is a "true essence" strikes me as pure metaphysics. Even if it did exist, who could positively say what that essence is?

    Nobody can get hurt even if the worst possible film adaptation is made of a classic. If it's bad, well, people move on... I do think Altman made a fine movie, obviously with his view of Marlowe and the genre... he hurt nobody.



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