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Date: 23 Aug 2010

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    Well, I certainly can't say a word against ADMS. I was very sorry that it got overshadowed by The Grifters, which I thought was pretty inferior. ADMS was, in my opinion, a really moving film.

    As I have always kind of mocked Jessica Alba, I'm a bit chagrined to find that she actually loved the novel TKIM and thought that the screen play was "watered down." She also said that Joyce in some sense knew that Lou was going to kill her and sort of welcomed it. Louise Brooks had a very dimilar perception as to the murder of her character in Pandora's Box. She should be on Rara-Avis.

    Of course you are right about the ending, but that seems like quibbling on our part when the whole story is so over the top to begin with.


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      I liked it too, James, for all the reasons you cite, plus the photography--shifting from harsh sun-bright exteriors to deeply shadowed interiors with no jarring sense of dislocation. And yes, Jessica Alba -- sigh . . . -- but Kate Hudson too, both women were incredibly kittenish and hot in very different ways. I thought the sex scenes weren't just scintillating they told a crucial part of the story, and I felt squeamish as I watched them, like I should shout out a warning. But I can't rank it as high as AFTER DARK, MY SWEET, if only because the ending bugged me (whereas I think the ending of ADMS is pitch perfect).

      SPOILER ALERT: I just couldn't buy a dozen people walking into a gas-soaked house and not one of them saying, "You smell sumthin?"

      David Corbett

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