RARA-AVIS: Automotive Noir

From: Kent Morgan (tkmorgan@mts.net)
Date: 16 Jul 2010

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    This is getting scary. Yesterday I mentioned bringing in The Keys to Tulsa with a car on the cover from my garage. Today in a message I just read Kevin mentions Elmore Leonard's 52 Pick-up as having a possible automotive connection. That book also came in from the garage and is sitting on top of Keys just to my right. The next message from Karin mentioned 92 Cadillacs by Joe Gores and then Ed asked about Car by Harry Crews. Perhaps you won't believe this, but I just came up from my basement where those books were in two different piles that I had to move to find something else. Car is about a man who is going to eat a new Ford Maverick half an ounce a day from bumper to bumper on national TV.


    By the way, I'm not even close to being a car fanatic. As for Felsen's Hot Rod that Kevin and John mentioned, I saw it last weekend on the top of a shelf at our cottage on Lake Winnipeg. Think I'll go for a drive.


    Kent Morgan

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